Free Teeth Whitening*
You can pick up your whitening kit  after a FREE EXAM & Digital X-RAY to first determine the health of your teeth and mouth.

Free Electric Tooth Brush*
Limit to 1 brush per student ID.

$0 (ZERO) Out of Pocket Cost for:
-Comprehensive Dental Exam
-Digital X-RAY 
-Regular Cleaning
-Wisdom Teeth consultation
-Invisalign or Clear Braces consultation

These offers only apply to UC students and staff with SHIP insurance. Others may qualify for these services, Please contact us for further assistance.

We also offer an in-office membership discount.

To take advantage of these offers, call us at (510) 548-3368 or request an appointment online.

* New patients can choose to receive either the teeth whitening kit or a an electric tooth brush.


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